Unranked Level 30 with 40K BE - 9€ | EUW-EUNE-NA-TR | 1 Month Warranty


EUW/EUNE/NA/TR UNRANKED 40K BE ( Choose your server on product variant ) This account contains: 40.000+ Blue Essence Some Hextech Keys, to open ... Hextech Chests. 5 champions owned 1 Month Warranty The account comes with an unverified email, meaning that you can change the email address to yours to completely own the account and change the password whenever you want. All accounts have ordinary names (you don’t have to worry about nicknames with numbers, or non-friendly names). Even tho, if you’d like to change the username, you’ll have the BE needed to do so and still get 20 champs to get into Ranked! The ranked status for this account is UNRANKED, meaning that the account has NEVER played any ranked game before. This is a very important thing, since you won’t get into elohell just because account was low elo other seasons. Purchasing accounts and our leveling method ( botting ) is against their TOS, so it is possible that it might get banned ( even tho it is a very rare issue ; 0,5 – 1% ). Having that said, all of our accounts are covered with 1 MONTH WARRANTY, meaning that if you ever have a problem with your account we will cover you and give a replacement account right away. No questions asked, we want you to feel safe and satisfied with our product. We recommend to don’t contact Riot Support for anything since it can increase ban chance if they manually investigate the account. TERMS OF SERVICE 1. All purchases are final and can not be refunded. 1.1 Only accounts with unused Blue Essence and unverified e-mail are eligible for a refund. 2. You will lose warranty if you exhibit ingame toxic behaviour, cheating, griefing, intentional feeding and similar actions that can lead to a suspension of the account. 3. After a successful purchase at LOLACCSHOP.COM, you automatically accept our Terms of Service.

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Level 30 Unranked LoL Account with 40.000+ Blue Essence and 5 Champions! More info in the descriptio...

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