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I need eBay seller who has eBay seller account

I need eBay seller who has eBay seller account. I want to do partnership with you. You will sell my products on your eBay account. The money will go to your paypal and the products will be on your eBay account. You will post , edit , and delete listings whenever I say. I will send you product titles, description, and Photos. As soon as you receive the products info then you will post it and after making sales you will inform me to ship the items. I will be giving you 20% from whatever we make.
WE will divide the money into three costs.
First of all we will pay together the eBay invoice whatever we makes. Then you will take 20% after paying the eBay invoice for selling fee. and then you will give me my 80%. I want the money once in a month. This is one of our competitors we will see the same products.
If you have more questions we can discuss it on Messages.
Many thanks.

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