Warrior Zero - Are You Fit To Survive?

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My name is Helder Gomes. Former Active Duty United States Marine and International Fitness and Combatives Instructor. And today is an exciting day…

Because I’m finally able to make available to you a powerful fitness system… previously authorized for use only with elite law enforcement and military units.

So if you’re tired of not feeling (or looking) like the type of person who can “go” when it counts… and if you want fast, no bullshit, anytime-anyplace fitness program tested in the trenches where it counts… then this is the program for you.

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-5 Workouts per Week with 2 Recovery Days

-13 Complete Video Tutorials

-PDF Manual

-13 Total Weeks of Progressed Instruction

-Individual and Full Video Tutorials For Your Convenience

-Access To Our Support Forum

-30 Complimentary Access To Our Private Member Facebook Group

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