ClickBank Buzz Affiliate Research Tool

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**What This Amazing Software Does**: * Source important details of affiliates all in just one, ea ... sy- to- use software! * Quietly spy on your competitor by seeing how many affiliates actually promote their products! * Displays affiliate email and URL so you can contact your competitor's affiliates and offer them a sweeter deal! * Save time yet get more information with the user-friendly interface! * Swiftly export all affiliate details into one file which can be quickly assessed on your computer * Keep track of the number of affiliates promoting your products and manage your product sales better * and much more To make this even more irresistable, I'm going to give you the Giveaway Rights (Worth $27) to this software which allows you to be able to distribute it freely to your either your subscribers or your prospects. You can use it to add value to your subscribers and keep them happy or use it as an ethical bribe to get people to opt in to your list. It's completely up to you! So don't hate yourself for missing out on this crazy opportunity!

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want a faster and yet cost efficient way to find out more about your Clickbank affiliates and monitor your competitors?

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