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Drawing Down the Life of Heaven: Magic in the Renaissance

The Renaissance was the high point of the Hermetic arts and sciences with astrology, alchemy, and qabala being the cornerstones of cultural, scientific, and philosophical development. From the palaces of princes to the chambers of Popes, magic was practiced in secret and in the open. Through the power of the imagination, in conjunction with the use of stones, herbs, talismans, and astrological timing it was thought that personal and collective ills could be healed, the rift between heaven and earth repaired, and that the Magi would reclaim their rightful place as mediator of the soul. In addition, the various schools of natural, demonic, and angelic magic of the Renaissance are the basis for many modern practices, as well as the precursors of contemporary alternative and holistic therapies that seek the re-enchantment of the world. This monograph is a thorough and complete overview this critical period in European magical and cultural development.

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