Want to monitor your Windows computer for the safety of your family?

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In today's chaotic world there is no bigger concern than cyber safety.
Your kids depend on you to keep them safe.
Unfortunately, they also learn a thousand ways to go behind your back to visit the sites their friends recommend.
Their knowledge shouldn't stop you from doing your job as protector.
The best way to do this is by monitoring your computer.
The Wolfie World Entertainment KeyStrokeLogger is just what the doctor ordered.
The short script enclosed includes directions and a cut/past script hat will give you the protection your family needs by recording everything done on your computer for you to pull up and review at any time.
Don't wait until something bad happens and the news is involved.
Monitor your computer today so you can prevent anything bad from happening to your family.

The Wolfie World Entertainment is a short powershell script that records the keystrokes on your computer to insure the safety of your family and your device.

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