Pay What You Want 
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Moppers Anonymous

Leon just wants some fast cash.

Pizza delivery was meant to be a cruisy job, but a dead customer and a remote controlled assassin soon soured that gravy train. Between outback hideouts and underground bunkers, Leon stumbles upon the shady side of his boss’s business.

Turns out pizza’s not the only thing on the menu.

With the Police Company and the Feds pooling resources against him, will this pizza driver deliver himself somewhere far from anarchy’s reach, or take up arms with his desperate, pizza lovin’ brothers?


A near future, where the city is crowded and the government is watching. Resistance fighters hide in plain sight at self help groups whilst scraping the dregs of society into their ranks.

The cops, cameras and bar-code branders were bad enough, and that was before the scientists got involved. Luckily, the Pizza Boss has found a way to make a few bucks amongst the chaos.

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