Kettlebell Combatives (Volume 1) - the Swing

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Benefits of the Kettlebell Combatives system: The kettlebell never gets sick and always shows up to ... training The kettlebell will kick your ass in a very short time; it’s time efficient You cannot hurt the kettlebell no matter how hard you go the kettlebell allows you to do work in all planes of motion the kettlebell teaches you when to inhale and when to exhale The kettlebell teaches you how to recruit the right muscle group(s) for the task The kettlebell develops you in a way that you are less susceptible to injury The kettlebell gives you a vice-like grip The kettlebell saves you a ton of money by allowing you to only need one piece of equipment The kettlebell teaches you when to stand-fast and when to get the hell away The kettlebell teaches you when to go hard and when to relax The kettlebell teaches you to move from the hips The kettlebell teaches you how to activate and move from your core The kettlebell teaches you how to focus projected power The kettlebell solidifies your combative stance The kettlebell ingrains your guard stance The kettlebell teaches you mid-foot drive The kettlebell will greatly enhance your footwork The kettlebell will give you greater mobility The kettlebell will give you the edge on your groundwork and much more of course.. The experience that I have gained working with individuals all around the world has given me great insight into what warriors need to succeed on a daily basis. I have been able to not only develop specific exercises and drills but also to teach them so that you can take advantage of this information right from your home.

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-It All Starts With The Kettlebell Swing-

Kettlebell Combatives has a relatively distinct method of training. The kettlebell is our opponent and develops us as combatants. Once you advance through the various Kettlebell Combatives Volumes, you will begin to combine more advanced movements into your training. You will soon realize that precise movements that we need to succeed in our combative arts are being practiced and developed by the kettlebell quite naturally. We know that we cannot beat the kettlebell, the best that we could hope for is to go the distance with it. This IS the shortcut to combat mastery.
This approach to combatives training is not new. As a matter of fact, it has been around for thousands of years, starting in China. The equipment they used were basically square kettlebells made of stone. The practice is called Stone Locking and it is still used today.
By using a kettlebell we are actually building greater combative attributes and skill because of the kettlebell being round; we get more options and versatility in our training. But the sound principle is the same between some aspects of Kettlebell Combatives and Stone Locking.
If you do not have any kettlebell knowledge, then you are actually ahead of the game. Let me tell you a little story about an experience that I had in Parris Island during U.S. Marine Corps bootcamp.
It was time for us to head to the range to learn how to use the M-16 rifle so that we can qualify with and and hopefully become Marines. I was a bit nervous, besides that usual nervousness brought on by Marine Corps bootcamp. My issue was that besides shooting .22 caliber rifles in the boy scouts, I had zero experience in shooting, let alone qualifying with an M-16.
After sighting in on a barrel for the better part of a week, it was time to live fire. My instructor spoke to me and asked about my experience. I, reluctantly, told him the truth. He smiled and explained to me that I was ahead of the game. he basically said “recruit, I spend most of my day on the range trying to break bad habits that other recruits have developed while shooting daddy’s shotgun. Since you have no experience, you have zero bad habits. So basically, everything that I teach you will be digested and you will shoot like a pro.” Needless to say that I qualified as an Expert Rifleman the following week.
So my point is.. No experience, no bad habits!
What you learn from Volume One, as long as you do the work, will get you exactly where you want to be with your kettlebell swing which will open doors to a completely new level in your combatives practice.

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