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Successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) & Token Crowdsale

Do you want to know What is ICO? Are you going to Launch your own Initial token offering campaign and raise capital? This Course for you! ICO (Initial coin/token offering) is a new crowdfunding mechanism for startups, allowing projects at an early stage to collect the necessary funds in a short period of time. So, since the first public offer of tokens in 2013, dozens of ICOs have been conducted, the largest of which is raised $ 150 million in just three hours!

Today, ICO is Low-Cost Growth Funding and it is the most convenient tool for attracting investments, including due to the lack of legal regulation and supervision.

ICO is not just money. In addition to development funds, the young company receives a community of loyal users who can test new products and support the project in the market.

But despite the apparent simplicity, a successful ICO is a complex process, which must be carefully prepared.

During the course, you will learn how to prepare, launch, and promote ICO, understand the specifics of smart contracts and types of digital tokens, get acquainted with technical tools for releasing tokens, and learn how to place tokens on crypto-exchange exchanges.

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