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Bankruptcy Filing Assistance (anywhere in the US)

Filing a Bankruptcy suit is a last ditch effort to rise from a mountain of debt. However, many people find that the process of filing bankruptcy puts them into a mountain of forms and documents that seemingly never ends. Attorneys charge up to $5,000 to file bankruptcy cases in Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC. But, you can navigate that river of forms without an attorney. The Bankruptcy Court allows Debtors to hire a private individual to help fill out those forms and put every little piece of the puzzle together so the individual need only to turn in the documents and attend the meetings.

That's where I come in with years of experience as a paralegal I can help you "dot the i's" and "cross the t's" to get your bankruptcy documents prepared and ready to go leaving you free to plan your future beyond the discharge of your bankruptcy. And, I'll get it all done for you for only $200. (this fee must be paid, in advance, and covers only the forms for your initial filing package - any motions/notice/etc requiring a response will be an additional charge.)

Don't wait until it's too late - file your bankruptcy before creditors take your check, your home, and your happiness.

Make a purchase or drop me a note here (or contact me on Telegram @revcozmo) with the specifics of your situation and let's discuss your needs and how you want to handle it from here...

NOTE - I am a non-attorney paralegal. As such I cannot and will not provide legal representation or advice of any kind. This service is strictly for the preparation of forms and documents. If you have any legal questions about your particular situation please consult an attorney and/or CPA.

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