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Good all-around CFG. INSANE auto CFG. (This CFG is included in the master package including all luas ... ) KEY BINDS ALT : THIRDPERSON SHIFT : SLOWWAlK V : FAKEDUCK (optional SHIFT for doubble tap and slow walk turn off if you dont like this) ----------------------------------------------------- NEED TO KNOW Info : Some settings that you might want to change are optimized auto wall to accurate auto wall from my testing I've come to prefer optimized as the lack of accuracy is only when your shooting someone who cant hit you anyway so it doesn't make a huge difference if you don't like it I would turn it off Delay Shot : I have accurate unlag on by default but if you're going against people who aren't fake lagging I would turn this off AIM TYPE (IMPORTANT) BY default I have Server Side on as its better however if you are playing a server such as a VALVE one TURN IT OFF in most cases you won't hit any shot ever, if it is on and a server doesn't allow it. Turn off Anti Untrust at will Also, Aimware Match Hitbox is broken sometimes and if you see it broken turn it off it will affect you negatively ----------------------------------------------------- LUAS They were not made by me I got them publicly for free and I include them with the purchases to save you time in finding them I did not get them from the direct source so credits are not available. Let me know if you know who made them so I can credit them thanks.

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My main CFG and LUAs

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