Advertise: Sponsor a Youtube video on my Channel with Over 60K Subscribers

This listing is for a chance to sponsor a video on my Youtube Channel which has over 67,000 subscribers and counting.

My channel is about Entrepreneurship, eCommerce, makng money online and a bit about self improvement. My audience is 18-35 mostly males and into business, social media, cryptocurrency, self improvement, investing and entrepreneurship. My audience is very engaged, I get a lot of interaction and comments, and my average video view length fluctuates between 4-6 minutes which is pretty good as far as Youtube goes.

This opportunity is for a sponsored video, not a dedicated video. This means I'll mention your company, website, product, etc as a sponsor at the beginning of one of my videos mention will last probably 10-15 seconds. This is not a dedicated video meaning I am NOT going to make an entire video about your product or business. I may be up for that but please message me, price will go up and I'll want to make sure it's something which fits with my channel.

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