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Disco Slave, one of the best ways to cashout OneVanilla cards. This bot cashes out cards automati ... cally to PayPal using high quality residetial proxies with 100% matching billing information, it will retry until the payment succeeds and warn you if the payment might not have a chance of succeeding. The unique aspect of this bot is that it uses something called PayPal donations to donate the amounts which then allows the bot to 'donate' the card and you will receive the payment as **Friends & Family** — this means that you will not have to worry about the infamous '21 day holds'! Your accounts are as important as the bots power, fresh accounts can easily do hundreds a day no problem but I would only recommend values from 10-50 and some of those may decline. Many declines such as `WSM_PAYER_FUNDING_INSTRUMENTS_UNAVAILABLE` can be prevented by recharging the same card with a lower amount to the same account, or having multiple PayPal accounts linked to the bot so that it is able to retry the card on another account, this usually fixes 99% of cards. This bot never guarantees full success rates, it's up to you to experiment with what works and what doesn't. Very established seller accounts can even process $100+ cards daily and have no cards fail and other accounts can process 10-50's and have a couple fail but still put you in profit, especially after reselling. This bot has a variety of features and most of them will be documented here: https://t.me/discoannouncements Limits: - $2,000 volume per activation key [**volume stacks per key**] - Access to the bot only while subscription is active - **Reselling cashing out as a service is bannable and I will know since I can see email changes** To contact me, message me on https://t.me/discoli After purchasing message https://t.me/discoslavebot and send /activate <activation code> — which you will receive after purchasing. Happy cashing out >:)

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Disco Slave, one of the best ways to cashout OneVanilla cards.

  • Delivery Method: Serial codes or license keys
  • Escrow Period: 24 hours
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