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By Harold Katzman, Assistant Editor

PO Box 3382,

Tustin, CA 92781

The City of Santa Monica turned 125 in September and the BAY CITIES COIN CLUB celebrated this event with a program dedicated to this occasion . Members shared numismatic and other items regarding this anniversary event. In October, Max Wedertz enlightened the club with his program on “Fractional Currency”.

In September, the COVINA COIN CLUB heard Ralph Marx speak (not sing) on “Musical Notes”. His talk presented notes from around the world that featured composers, songs etc on them. When asked to sing, he politely declined. Dr Walter Ostromecki entertained the club in October with a “State Quarter Trivia Program”.

Albertus Hoogeveen spoke to the DOWNEY NUMISMATISTS in September on “Sacagawea and the Golden Dollar”. He talked about the history of Sacagawea, her role in America’s history and how she was selected to appear on the dollar. In October, Al gave another program titled “Tour of the Utrecht Mint”. He has visited the mint, located in the Netherlands, several times and gave an insiders view.

A mini-Super Auction was held at the FONTANA UNITED NUMISMATIST September meeting. There were many interesting items up for sale. The Club is searching for members to fill the following openings: Vice-President, Recording Secretary and several Director posts.

The GLENDALE COIN CLUB held a very successful fund raiser in September. It was a “White Elephant” (or was it a pink?) Sale. Paid membership in the club has ranged from a low of 59 to a high of 70. Not bad! Keep it up!

The October meeting of the HEARTLAND COIN CLUB had not one but two sets of refreshments! It seems that two different members were asked to bring refreshments, hence everyone got filled with goodies. Member Show & Tell included Paul Olson sharing some silver dollars from his Marine Corps days and Christine O’Lague reporting on the New Hampshire and South Carolina Quarters. The club’s newest member is Bob Fritsch, of Nashua, New Hampshire. Bob served on the committee that chose the design for the New Hampshire Quarter.

“The Medal Maker”, the story of Laura Gardin Fraser, was the program before the SANTA ANA COIN CLUB in September. “Ancient & Medieval Coinage was Gerry Kleeb’s program in October.

Foreign Coins and Paper Money was the Members Show & Tell Program held by the HEMET NUMISMATISTS in September. The club held their annual Ice Cream Social at their refreshment break. October saw the members conduct a White Elephant Sale. The club has set up an annual award to recognize a member for his/her outstanding contributions to the advancement of the club. It will be named after Helen Trumpower, a founding member . They are also sponsoring a membership drive that will end April 1, 2001. The individual bringing in the most new members will receive a 2 peso gold coin.

“The Early History of Tel Aviv” was the program before the September meeting of the ISRAEL NUMISMATIC SOCIETY/ISRAEL COIN CLUB of Los Angeles. The historic beginning starts during the Ottoman Empire and the program reviewed Tel Aviv’s history up to the 20th century. October’s meeting was entitled, “Tiberias in Ancient Times” and featured its foundations and coins.

“Funny Money” was to have been the program given to the LITTON COIN CLUB in September by NASC Speakers Bureau Chairman, Sally Marx. But due to a last minute glitch, she was unable to attend and Phil Iversen came up with a last minute program. In October, Sally made amends and gave her program. The club welcomed two new members, Charles Warmoth and Mike Antonson.

Gary Beedon was the speaker at the GREATER ORANGE COUNTY COIN CLUB in September. His program was titled “Bust Half Dollars 1807-1836”. Gary, who is a Bust Half Nut Club member, has updated his program with information about the latest varieties and types. In October, Mark Baskin spoke on “Basics of Fractional Currency”. In November, Claus Rusch presented an all new program on “German & Austrian Notgeld”, the unofficial emergency money issued following the collapse of the German Mark after WWI.

There was another white elephant roaming around Southern California when the LONG BEACH COIN CLUB held a sale in September. Dr Sol Taylor, an authority on the Lincoln Cent spoke in October. His topic was “Cherry Picking the Lincoln Cent”. He has written and updated his book on the Lincoln Cent. In November the Club held a “Bourse Night”.

In September, the REDLANDS COIN CLUB saw the video “Money:History in Your Hands”. In October they viewed “Coins: Genuine, Counterfeit and Altered”. “The Carson City Mint” was the program in November. This branch mint produced coins from 1870-1893 with several of the rarest and most valuable coins in existence being minted there.

The SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY COIN CLUB heard an “Introduction to E-Bay”. Mark C Mullins focused on some basic concepts, techniques and tools available for using E-Bay. October was “Super-Auction” month. Highlights included a 1/10th ounce Canadian Maple Leaf (1990) and an MS64 1952D Franklin Half. In November, Ken Crum discussed Fractional & Confederate Currency, Gold Certificates and National Bank Notes as well as Hawaii/North Africa Currency. Ken also exhibited various types of US Currency.

The September meeting of the SAN DIEGO NUMISMATIC SOCIETY heard Larry Baber give a program on his collection of Philadelphia’s former “Spring Garden Institute Medals”. This institute was founded in 1851 as a “young men’s gathering place” and developed into allied schools of art, mechanics and electronics. Larry was named a Glenn Smedly Memorial Award Winner at this summers ANA Convention. In November, Jim Hunt spoke on “Coins, Coinage and Bullion, A Book Review”

The SANTA BARBARA COIN CLUB recently saw a video produced by the U S Mint. The video told the complete story of minting operations, from producing dies & planchets to the final products. The Club also held a Red Book Quiz and a Show & Tell Night this fall.

“Money:History in Your Hands: was the program presented to the members of the VERDUGO HILLS COIN CLUB in September. In October, Michael Aron spoke on “Modern U S Coins . . . Buy, Sell or Hold?” Michael has been in the coin business for over two decades and has been conducting coin auctions since 1982. He recently held his 100th auction. In November, Dr Walter Ostromecki gave his program on “State Quarter Trivia”.

Thelma Katzman presented a slide program on the “California Missions” to the UPLAND COIN CLUB in September. “What You Didn’t Know About the $1.00 Bill” was the program given by Dr Tom Fitzgerald at the October meeting. The Club voted to start their meetings earlier, 7PM, so that they could be out before 10PM.

The WHITTIER COIN CLUB celebrated its 41st Birthday with a dinner meeting held at the Sizzler Restaurant in La Mirada. Over 20 members and guests showed up for the party. Jim Kawkowski won the 2 peso Gold drawing. Special thanks to Bill Panner of Fullerton Coins for donating the silver coins in the door prize drawing. October saw the club view the slide program titled “Confederate States Currency”. The program reviewed the principal types of CSA notes issued between 1861-1865.

HEALTH AND WELFARE GRACE CORNEL (Covina Coin Club) broke her arm which is mending in a cast. Also DEL BECK is recovering from surgery and CCC Treasurer GENE CALVERT is recuperating after the addition of a pacemaker.

ROY PHARES & CLYDE DARBY, Hemet Numismatists, have been under the weather.

DOROTHY ANDERSON & CALETTA GILREATH, long time Downey Numismatists are in ill health and not doing well.

The following Club Members have passed away:

RAY STARKEY            Covina Coin Club           September 8, 2000
FRANK CALSMER      Heartland Coin Club     October 3, 2000
DAVID LARSEN           Hemet Numismatists      (no date given)
VIRGIL RUDE              Greater Orange County Coin Club    (no date)
JOHN BERGMAN        Long Beach Coin Club   Services October 23, 2000


As you may have read, this will be my final Club Report. Over the last several years I have worked with three editors and have shared the Club Report with three Assistant Editors from the North.

During this time I’ve seen many Clubs close down. Gone are: Orange County Coin Club, Fountain Valley Coin Club, Garden Grove Coin Club (the three have merged into the Greater Orange County Coin Club); Collectors of the Realm; SIN; COIN; and the two Israel Coin Clubs in the LA Area that merged into one, to name but a few. It’s a sad day seeing the slow demise of our clubs.

I have enjoyed writing about Your Club’s activities and I hope I have done you Justice. I’m looking forward to new challenges in the future! Thank you for your past support!

Please give your new Assistant Editor, Kay Lenker, your full support. She will do a great job! I will continue to forward your bulletins and newsletters that are addressed to the Assistant Editor of while we make the transition.

Live long and prosper.

/S/ Harold Katzman